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Case Study: Increase engagement during Live by using Gamification to increase fun for viewers. with popular online games like FIFA EA

Botio had the opportunity to develop a mechanic to predict match results in collaboration with 'FIFA', an online football game from Garena Company. FIFA wanted the event to compete in each round of the FC Online Pro league 2024 event (held between the 4th - 28 June 2024) More fun than before by allowing viewers watching LIVE to guess the results of each round and give away prizes to those who join in guessing the results. At the end of each day's competition in the form of a unique e-Voucher.

FIFA online game competitions use real football commentators. To make watching fun and interesting, add an experience that allows viewers to interact and join in the excitement of the competition. Therefore making the competition more fun. The competition is organized at 4-5 rounds per day before the competition starts. The predictions will be announced through the reply of the Live you are watching. The system will keep the prediction results for each pair. And when the competition starts The system will close to accepting predictions. From now on, viewers will be able to join in hoping for the results together on LIVE.

There are three possible outcome predictions: Team A wins, Team B wins, or both teams tie. The prizes are divided into 2 types: a special prize for correctly guessing the result. and consolation prizes for guessing incorrectly It makes the experience of participating in watching online competitions much more enjoyable.

After the competition ends, the system will send a Unique Coupon/Voucher to all users who participated in the activity. that allows viewers to continue redeeming

Guidelines for further development

  • Connect to Customer Data Platform and re-engage again.

  • Developed into a real time game to find people who answer questions correctly to receive the biggest prizes.

  • Give out discount coupons in the E-commerce system when there is a live product launch.

Learn more on Voucher Launcher :

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