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Incentive Coupon distribution tool when completing surveys

Today we will show you how Voucher Launcher and Google Form work together to help businesses invite users to fill out surveys and receive E-Coupons as rewards via email.

Introducing Google Forms

No one doesn't know Google Form, the ultimate survey tool that besides being free and able to customize many fields.

We will call the Script Voucher Launcher to be a connector.

Voucher Template ID: comes from the end of the URL of the Voucher Template page that we want to distribute when customers make a purchase. Questionnaire completed

Learn more about Voucher Template:

We can generate Webhook token and Webhook Secret values from the system.

Name Field and Telephone Field : are the names of topics in the Survey that are set to receive names for creating vouchers in Voucher Launcher.

Every time a user submits a form via Google Form, the system will immediately generate an E-coupon voucher to the user's email address.

And you can check your voucher usage via the Dashboard.

Try it in the Demo system:

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