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“Voucher Launcher”
Google Forms™ Addon

This Voucher Launcher Addon allows seamless integration between Voucher launcher and Google Form


How it works

Simply connect google form with Voucher Launcher by adding "Voucher Launcher Addon". Voucher Launcher can auto generate discount code from voucher config and delivers it to all respondent with tracking functionality.

Addon Instructions

Here's how to connect Google Forms with Voucher Launcher in simple steps:

  1. Install the Voucher Launcher Addon: Open your Google Form, go to the "Add-ons" menu, search for "Voucher Launcher Addon," and install it.

  2. Set up the connection: Once installed, find the "Voucher Launcher Addon" add-on in the menu and click "Setup Trigger." Then, choose "Setting" to configure it.

  3. Fill in the details:

    • Voucher Template ID: This identifies the specific voucher you want to send when someone fills out the form. You can find this ID in the URL of the voucher template on the Voucher Launcher platform.

    • Webhook Token & Secret: These are unique codes generated by Voucher Launcher. Go to "Settings" -> "Generate API" in Voucher Launcher to get them.

    • Name & Telephone Fields (Optional): Enter the names of the questions in your form that capture the respondent's name and phone number (if applicable). This information will be attached to the voucher.

By following these steps, you've connected your Google Form to Voucher Launcher. Now, whenever someone fills out your form, they'll automatically receive an e-voucher based on the settings you chose.

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